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Jobsite Fence-Hopper Apprehended Empty-Handed

Posted by Paul Gross on Sep 22, 2022

Construction sites, unfortunately, have seen an increase in theft and “smash and grabs” due to a variety of factors. From the significant increase in material costs to the high value of construction equipment and tools that may be left on site, criminals frequently target job sites as a potential easy grab and go. Theft of heavy equipment costs construction businesses an average of $400 million dollars annually. 

In this video, a single individual approaches the fencing surrounding a construction site around 10:30 pm. After taking a moment to survey their surroundings, the trespasser brazenly hops the fence and enters the restricted area. Fortunately for the construction site manager, Stealth Monitoring was watching. 

After notification reached our trained security operator that there was suspicious activity on the remote video monitoring feed, they quickly took a closer look. Sure enough, the trespasser could be seen from multiple camera angles wandering through the job site, putting themselves at physical risk of danger and potentially looking for valuable items or materials to snatch.  

The local authorities were contacted and informed of the intruder. Our security professional relayed details of the incident in progress to the police, and they headed over to the sight within minutes. As seen in the video, the fence-hopping trespasser was taken into custody by the officers who arrived. The intruder was detained and ultimately transported to jail.   

Take Proactive Security Measures to Help Protect Your Construction Site 

Rather than waiting to assess the damage to your construction site after a theft has occurred, remote video monitoring can help protect your valuable equipment, materials, and other site assets before thieves can make off with them.  Stealth Monitoring remote video monitoring uses trained security operators who work in tandem with analytics-based security cameras to help detect suspicious activity. This combination of technology and human intelligence means harmful activity is often minimized. 

Much like in the above video, when police have the video verification that details a crime in progress, they can usually make it to a site quickly and catch the site-crashers before they make a run for it.  Our security operators are trained to recognize shady behavior and act quickly to dispatch law enforcement when needed. And when police apprehend a trespasser quickly and while they are still on site, that means losses and theft are minimal.  

Looking to mitigate liability, help reduce losses, and help deter criminals and thieves from wreaking havoc on your construction job sites? Contact us for details.