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Legal Marijuana Farm Real Estate Booming in Southern California

Posted by Rick Charney on Sep 14, 2016

A legal marijuana farm is an increasingly profitable and attractive business opportunity for many people in the U.S. and the world. Several small towns in California are now targets for prime marijuana grow real estate. Buyers are coming in from all over the world to get a piece of land.

The increase in legal hemp farms benefits cities multiple ways. The cannabis real estate raises city property values. It also is expected to bring better paying jobs for residents and help pay for city maintenance through higher tax revenue.

A prospective legal marijuana farm land buyer approached a Desert Hot Springs, California man about his property. The prospective buyer was a real estate agent. The Los Angeles Times reported that another real estate agent was willing to pay the land owner half a million dollars for five acres of undeveloped desert land, five times more than the Desert Hot Springs resident originally paid.

Desert Hot Springs was the first city to legalize large-scale medical marijuana cultivation in Southern California. A few days later, another buyer paid the resident $1 million for the property. Desert Hot Springs isn’t the only city with prospective legal marijuana farm locations. A real estate broker in the nearby city of Coachella said that he had prospective clients fly in from Germany. They were interested in building a legal marijuana farm.

City marijuana cultivation businesses have agreed to security measures at their hemp farms. This includes 24 hour armed security guards and remote access security cameras. The growing amount of legal marijuana farms brought consultants, engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, and cannabis experts working together to ensure a swift development and transition. Medical marijuana usage is legal in California. People anticipate the legalization of recreational marijuana by next year.

Legal marijuana farms, distributors, and stores should consider improved security for their grow and sales facilities, since weed shops are prime targets for robberies. Several legal marijuana dispensaries have been victims of armed robbery. Unwatched surveillance cameras recorded two violent crimes at two legal marijuana dispensaries. Both dispensaries are in Los Angeles, California. Both weed stores had security guards. The security guard at the first marijuana dispensary was easily subdued by the armed suspects. The owner of the second legal cannabis store was shot outside of his store. The security guard was inside the marijuana dispensary.

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