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How Live Monitoring Could Have Helped Prevent a $10,000 Theft

Posted by Sean Murphy on Feb 5, 2015

Three and a half weeks after a $10,000 robbery that occurred in December, 2014 in Hillsboro, the police arrested a suspect. The suspect was arrested after closed circuit video footage was released to the public and area police, according to The Oregonian.

The materials were stolen from a locked box truck outside a construction supply center when closed for Christmas. The man and his vehicle were clearly seen on the video footage, although the license plate was not visible. The video footage showed him coming back to the site to grab more materials two more times over the course of two more days. The stolen items were never recovered.

Live monitoring with real-time surveillance of the company’s security video could have helped prevent the thefts or apprehend the suspect during a break-in. Live monitoring can provide active coverage of areas that traditional security systems can’t, like the entrances and parking areas where trucks are parked. Operators can activate local speakers and call police when they see trespassers.

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