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Live Surveillance for Business Video Security Monitoring in Los Angeles

Posted by Sean Murphy on Jun 14, 2016

Three security and IT entertainment professionals spoke at a packed conference about their experiences with business video security. The business executives’ video production company continued to grow, as did their security needs.

The Executive director of Global Risk and Crisis Management led the discussion. The content presented at this panel was handled like a case study. This video production company had a 65 acre property in Los Angeles, California. There were 150 buildings at that location. Although the property’s video surveillance was satisfactory, there was little or no security at California company’s 25 off-site filming locations and special events.

Even though the company expanded, their business video security surveillance did not. In 2013 a team was assembled to augment the current surveillance camera system. Over 1,000 alarms went off daily with their current security system. The security alarm system had other problems, including the inability to prioritize alarms, lack of a standardized protocol, and manual analysis. These security weaknesses led to overlooked alarms, missed incidents, and inconsistent responses.

The Los Angeles company recognized its issues. The assembled team began work on a business video security system. The new security system analyzed alarms, prioritized responses, and created a standardized workflow. IT and the security team worked together to enhance video security solution design and implementation.

The new security system went live in 2015. Within one month the amount of alarms on the property decreased by 93%. The analytics were able to filter out the unimportant events.

The panel wanted to leave the audience with three important things to focus on. First, pay attention to methodology and a standardized reaction to alarms. Next, focus on data collection. It was valuable to acquire camera video and data throughout the property and many buildings. Last, create a prioritization to the alarms.

The entertainment and video production company is not a client of Stealth Monitoring.

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