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Live Surveillance for Vacant Industrial Properties and Warehouses

Posted by Sean Murphy on Dec 1, 2012

If you are in charge of a vacant warehouse or other unused industrial property, you should know the importance of properly securing your land against copper thieves, squatters, vagrants, and thieves. Such sites have a propensity to attract unwanted visitors, and they become easy targets for theft and destruction when they are left unprotected. Buildings with rooftops at or below 20 feet in particular are at an exceptionally high risk because of the ease with which anyone with a 24-foot ladder can gain access to the top of the building to get to roof mounted HVAC units.

Protect Your Property with Live Video Monitoring

Saving your warehouse or industrial property from the extensive damage that trespassers can inflict upon it can be as easy as installing a live video surveillance system. Such systems provide the double benefit of deterring crimes before they happen and quickening the response time of emergency services in the event than an incident does occur. Parking lot security cameras see the incidents in real time. Stealth Monitoring, has established relationships with police departments in order to make the protection of your property a top priority and parking lot security to reduce your risk of significant property damage.

Protect your Industrial Property with Stealth’s Live Video Surveillance Services

Investing in a live video monitoring service, such as those provided by Stealth Monitoring, adds an extra level of protection that the traditional alarm-based surveillance system lacks. By making use of the latest in parking lot security and industrial surveillance technology and enlisting trained personnel to watch live video feeds, Stealth proactively monitors rooftops, electrical equipment, utility meters, alleys, parking lots, glass storefronts, and any other vulnerable location for suspicious activity. Stealth Monitoring can remotely activate speakers and turn on lights to scare away threats before they have a chance to escalate into serious problems.

In addition to enhanced security, the landlord, property manager, and any other authorized personnel will be able to use the IP address, username, and password to access the camera feeds remotely from the comfort of their own desk. The remote capabilities are improving operations and saving time for asset managers to visit the property so frequently. Even leasing brokers can be provided access to the facility by utilizing Stealth’s virtual surveillance services. Leasing brokers are distinguishing vacant properties from other leasing opportunities by marketing the advanced security remote monitoring system. The property still has liabilities onsite to protect and keeping unwanted individuals off property is a concern that Stealth Monitoring can help minimize.

Don’t rely on old technology or take the chance of having your property completely unsecured—when the protection of your property is on the line, a proactive defense can be the difference in protecting the remaining assets at the vacant property. For more information on how to protect your vacant property from security threats of all kinds, contact Stealth Monitoring today.