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String of Mail Theft Incidents Ends in Irving, Texas

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jan 8, 2018

Mail theft is not a violent crime. However, the consequences of it can be detrimental. Apartment mailboxes are often targeted for gift cards and credit cards, the latter of which can lead to identity theft. Surveillance video helped one manager end a string of mail theft incidents in Irving, Texas.

One multifamily apartment resident watched security video of two suspects who were accused of stealing her husband’s credit card statement from the mailbox. This same residential complex was hit more than once. The apartment security video showed the suspects prying the mailboxes open with crowbars and stuffing mail into their backpacks.

According to federal documents, a multifamily apartment manager caught the suspects in action while watching a live video stream. Irving Police arrived at the multifamily apartment complex and arrested one of the suspects. The second thief ran away.

Police inspectors later located and arrested the second suspect at a motel in Dallas, where they found several bags of stolen mail.

One of the suspects confessed the two had been stealing mail at least three times a week from different multifamily apartment complexes in Irving, Far North Dallas, and Uptown.

Mail theft is a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison for each piece of mail. The impacted multifamily apartment complexes are not clients of Stealth Monitoring.

If the mail theft victims had used Stealth Monitoring’s apartment security service, they may have caught the criminals sooner. Trained apartment surveillance operators watch security cameras in real-time and can call the police while the suspects are still on the property.

Recently, Stealth Monitoring helped Houston Police arrest two mail thieves before they could leave the apartment complex.

The suspects opened up residential mailboxes with a screw driver and a power drill. An apartment surveillance operator saw the crime in progress and called the Houston Police. The thieves attempted to flee as the police arrived, leaving their stuffed backpacks and tools behind. A responding police officer chased one of the suspects and made an arrest. The other was also apprehended.

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