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Man Loading Luxury Vehicle Trunk with Stolen Construction Materials Busted

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Sep 16, 2022

Construction continues to be in a major growth period throughout the US and Canada, which means more active job sites than usual for construction materials thieves to browse.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a bold thief decides to load the trunk of his luxury sedan with pilfered goods from unfinished units in a lovely Ontario community.

At 6:15 in the morning, a Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed a vehicle somewhere unexpected. The black luxury sedan could be seen parked in front of an unfinished unit, and a suspicious individual was clearly observed entering multiple unfinished homes. He’s then spotted loading up his trunk with an array of stolen construction materials. Despite speakers being activated, the man continued his activities.

The operator swiftly contacted local police, who arrived shortly after and placed the man under arrest.

Help Avoid Costly Construction Materials Theft with Remote Video Monitoring

Whether it’s the lasting impacts of the pandemic driving materials costs up, the housing boom making lumber harder to come by, or the always popular copper wiring and tubing theft driving burglars to your job sites, criminals love to target construction projects.

When equipment or materials go missing, that can set back projects and budgets significantly. Rather than waiting for the worst-case scenarios to occur, proactive security solutions like remote video monitoring help to deter crime and criminals before they throw a wrench in your timelines.

Remote video monitoring is an innovative solution, combining both technology and human intelligence to help secure your construction sites. Using state-of-the-art video surveillance technology, advanced analytics, and the benefit of real people who are trained security operators, Stealth monitors jobsites in real time.

Real time monitoring means timely assessment of security concerns, and the ability to respond to threats quickly and appropriately.

Just as we saw in the above video, when an operator can contact authorities with real-time information including details like the make, model, and even license plate of the vehicle involved, law enforcement typically prioritizes the call and arrives on-site early enough to catch the criminals while they’re still in the area.

If you’d like more information about remote video monitoring for construction sites, contact us for details and personalized service.