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Marijuana Dispensary Security at New California Weed Town

Posted by Amy Hite on Sep 27, 2017

After the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California, lawmakers released a series of proposals that included marijuana dispensary security. The proposal stated that cannabis dispensaries are required to have video surveillance. This news could impact an American company’s newest project.

A marijuana-focused technology and growing firm purchased the town of Nipton, California for $5 million. Their purpose is to develop the town to become America’s “first energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination.” Nipton is located an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, Nevada and about three hours from Los Angeles, California. The town has a population of 16 people.

The Arizona-based company said they will initially focus on bottling cannabis-infused water. The production of marijuana edibles will follow. Nipton visitors will also find mineral baths, lodging, and marijuana retail outlets. This is part of an 18-month long development. The development is estimated to cost $2.5 million.

Although recreational use of marijuana is legal in California and Nevada, federal law lists the activity as illegal.

Marijuana Dispensary Security Regulations

The 2017 proposal includes a section dedicated to marijuana dispensary security. This may be in response to several cases where pot dispensaries had inadequate security in California.

One incident occurred at a Los Angeles-area medical marijuana dispensary. The marijuana security video showed three suspects enter the shop. They ordered the people inside the dispensary to get down on the ground. One suspect shot a marijuana security guard in the face. The criminals stole an undisclosed amount of cash and marijuana. A previous incident at another medical cannabis shop resulted in the death of a marijuana security guard.

These aren’t the only reported cases of cannabis-related crime in Los Angeles. A cannabis shop owner saw two suspicious individuals approach the property via his marijuana security cameras. The suspects wore masks and armored vests. One of them was armed with an assault rifle. The owner pulled out a gun and injured the suspects.

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