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Marijuana Store Security Guard & California Shooting

Posted by Rick Charney on Jul 29, 2016

A Santa Ana, California legal cannabis store had marijuana store security. But the security guard was unable to prevent a near fatal shooting at the legal pot shop.

The Santa Ana Police Department released an outdoor surveillance camera video of the dispensary incident. The legal marijuana store security video showed the suspect in the parking lot right before the pot store owner was shot.

The medical marijuana store security camera showed the suspect arrive at the California shop parking lot in daylight. The suspect wore a dark hoodie, purple pants, and an orange bandanna around his face. The suspect sat on the curb and waited for the victim. The Santa Ana Police Corporal said that it looked like it was not a random attack or robbery from the dispensary security video.

The Los Angeles Times reported the medical marijuana store owner walked outside. When the owner got into his car, he recalled hearing several pop sounds. The suspect shot the owner six times. The guard for marijuana store security ran outside. The suspect ran away. The victim was in a medically induced coma and spent a total of 17 days in the intensive care unit.

The victim’s attorney said that the dispensary security guard was unarmed. The attorney claimed to have asked the city of Santa Ana’s permission to have an armed store security guard but was denied. The store’s inventory and cash made it a prime target for suspects.

Marijuana store security was increased after the owner returned to work. Two armed security guards were at the shop during business hours. This medical marijuana dispensary was the first one to open in the area.

Video cameras and security guards are only one part of a complete marijuana dispensary security solution. The articles did not report live video monitoring at the legal marijuana store. The dispensary is not a client of Stealth Monitoring.

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