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Miami Warehouse Security Camera & Video Stolen

Posted by Sean Murphy on Apr 18, 2016

A Miami, Florida area warehouse security breach resulted in over $100,000 in losses, including designer sunglasses. The business had video surveillance. But it proved to be ineffective as the security cameras were not watched live and the thieves stole the video cameras and DVR too!

According to Local10 ABC Miami news, burglars cut a hole in the roof of the Weston warehouse over the weekend to enter the industrial building despite warehouse security. The thieves cut their way through concrete and sheet metal.

Once inside, the thieves disabled the Weston warehouse security alarm system. They removed and took with them the video security cameras and digital video recorder that stored the footage of their break-in. Employees found inventory strewn about the office. The criminals stole two work vans from a nearby business. They loaded the vans with their stolen goods and drove off.

The Weston business estimated a loss of $100,000 worth of expensive Fred, Boeing, and Tag Heuer sunglasses. Broward County Sheriff police followed a lead about the location of the stolen goods and found the abandoned getaway vans in Miami. At the time of the news report, the warehouse security system was not able to provide information on identifying the thieves.

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