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What Can a Mobile Surveillance System Do For Your Construction Site?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jan 16, 2018

In order to increase security at a construction site, there are several factors to consider. Will you hire a security guard or use a mobile surveillance solution? How long will the project take? Where is the site located? What kind of equipment and materials will be stored on the property? It’s important to select a service that specializes in construction site security and truly understands your needs.

How Effective is a Mobile Surveillance System?

Construction site security specialists strategically install outdoor surveillance cameras throughout the project site. This allows trained construction site surveillance operators to monitor multiple areas of a property simultaneously. In comparison, a security guard can only be in one place at a time and can only see what is directly in front of them. Weather and lighting conditions can further limit what a security guard can see.

Construction site security operators can watch your project remotely. With the help of weatherproof PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security cameras, operators can follow and zoom in on suspicious activity, often capturing license plate numbers and specific details about the suspect.

Can Mobile Surveillance Deter Criminals?

Our remote video monitoring solution utilizes on-site HD security cameras, speakers, video analytics, and human intelligence to deter criminal activity like vandalism and theft. If security operators see anything suspicious, they can activate the on-site speaker warning letting the criminals know they are being watched. If the suspects remain on the construction site, a trained operator can call the local police.

Can Mobile Surveillance Impact Response Time?

Live security video serves as evidence that there is a crime in progress. This verifies the incident and gives it a higher priority, which leads to quicker police response time. Faster police response time increases the likelihood of an arrest while the suspect is still on the property.

When other criminals know that a construction site takes security seriously, they may intentionally avoid that property.

What is the Price of a Mobile Surveillance Solution?

Our construction site security solution costs a fraction of a security guard service, often 30-50% less. In Canada, security guards make around $14 CAD per hour. In the United States, their average yearly base pay is roughly $29,000 USD. The security guard industry is highly labor intensive. In addition to salary, security professionals must go through training, be given tools, uniforms and equipment, and because of the potentially dangerous nature of their jobs, often need to be

Stealth combines the latest surveillance technology with experienced video monitoring operators who are trained to proactively identify suspicious activity and help prevent live crimes in progress.