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Odd Date Night: Intruders Wander Parking Garage Under Construction

Posted by Paul Gross on Sep 26, 2022

Construction firms and managers face a host of liability risks, along with potential threats to the jobsites themselves. Thefts, injuries, vandalism, project delays – all of these can end up costing more than expected. Trespassers can be the cause of several of these risks, so keeping a jobsite secure is of paramount importance. 

In this video, 2 individuals – one male, one female- are seen on camera walking through the parking garage of a still under-construction multifamily community. Entering the parking area would be an odd enough occurrence in the daytime, but this couple heads in around 11:30 pm, carrying several items and walking with purpose.  

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted the couple and activated the on-site alarms to warn them off the premises, but the pair continued their parking garage gallivant. The operator then contacted local authorities to inform them of a trespass in progress.  

Shortly after they were called, officers arrived on scene and placed the male subject under arrest. 

Taking Preventative Security Measures Can Help Reduce Trespassing at Your Construction Site 

Trespassers may be on your construction site for a variety of reasons- seeking shelter, general mischief-making, vandalism, or the biggest issue: theft.  

Construction sites are like a candy store for thieves – between high-value targets like heavy equipment and copper wiring/ tubing to quick cash grabs like lumber or smaller equipment. Equipment theft patterns tend to mirror the economy, so construction sites should remain on-guard as thefts aren’t likely to slow down.  

Taking a preventative approach by incorporating remote video monitoring into your security protocols can make a huge difference. Remote video monitoring uses analytics-based cameras that are placed in strategic positions throughout a job site and then monitored in real-time to help detect and disperse unwanted activity, like trespassers or vandals.  

Just as in the video above, because we can give law enforcement details about crimes that are occurring as they are in progress, they typically respond quickly. This means that they often arrive while suspects are still on site.  

Best of all, as the jobsite changes, the cameras can be moved to accommodate new coverage needs. With 24/7 recording, video evidence is available should you need it for police investigations or liability claims. Ready to learn more about our cutting-edge surveillance solutions? Contact us