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Ontario Construction Site Trespasser Taken into Custody

Posted by Hugh Wong on Apr 4, 2023

Unfortunately, trespassing and loitering on construction sites is a common issue. There are a variety of reasons these activities present a security and liability risk to the companies responsible for the active jobsites- risk of injury or death, theft, damages, materials and equipment issues, timeline delays, and more. 

Add in an ever-evolving working environment and you have a recipe for some serious security gaps. So how can you help ensure your jobsite remains effectively secured? 

 At roughly 6:30 p.m., alert Stealth security professionals noticed a trespasser accessing an Ontario construction site, approaching near the main gate, shifting a piece of fencing, and heading into the jobsite itself. The individual was observed moving further onto the property, and Stealth security operators contacted local law enforcement and provided dispatch with the subject’s description, activity, and location. Officers were able to take the suspected trespasser into custody.  

Help Protect Your Site from Unwanted Activity and Liability Risks with Remote Video Monitoring 

Traditional security measures are often not enough to prevent trespassers and loiterers, thieves and vandals, even curious or bored teens from gaining access to your jobsite. As seen in the video above, fences can be breached easily.  

Stealth’s remote video monitoring is a customizable, adjustable, cost-effective, and proactive security solution that can help deter and disperse criminal or unwanted activity in real-time. Using a combination of cutting-edge video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth watches for activity rather than simple movement. When our operators see something or someone out of place, they can respond as it is happening- sounding onsite audible alarms, or contacting local law enforcement with live, up to the minute details and descriptions.  

Remote video monitoring is typically between 25-60% less expensive than traditional security guards while providing a comprehensive level of security that minimizes liability simultaneously. As work on a site progresses, cameras can be adjusted, changing with the project as needed. 

Comprehensive surveillance has the added benefit of helping teams manage sub-trades and site activities as well, and can serve a variety of additional purposes above and beyond security and risk management.  

For an example of how one client has integrated Stealth’s solution to the greatest benefit, check out this case study: Construction Company Exxel Pacific, Inc. Benefits from the Utility of Overhead Time-Lapse Cameras. 

To learn more about remote video monitoring and how it can improve your jobsite management and security outcomes, contact us today. 

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