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Our Industrial Security Solution Can Help Deter Theft and Trespassing

Posted by Sean Murphy on Nov 20, 2018

If you own or manage a property that stores inventory or assets, you know security is a critical concern. Fences and gates can only do so much to protect valuable equipment and materials. Warehouses are frequent targets for theft, both from external threats and internally from employees, delivery drivers and even security guards. A proactive industrial security solution can help prevent criminal activity.

Many industrial sites rely on security guards to monitor their property. Besides being an expensive solution, they can be a liability. You hire them to protect your property, but how can you be sure they are doing the job you hired them to do?

Our industrial security solution provides a team of trained operators to watch strategically-placed cameras at your property. These operators can watch for live break-ins and property damage from multiple cameras at the same time, covering more areas than an on-site guard or mobile patrol. When they see anything suspicious, they can activate on-site speakers and call police, which increases the likelihood of deterring crime before it happens.

The video below showcases how the on-site speaker system works at an industrial property.

In some instances, the suspects may not leave the property. In cases like these, our monitoring center will call local police. Officers typically respond faster to these calls because live surveillance video is evidence of a crime in progress. In fact, some police precincts no longer respond to security alarms unless they are verified.

Click the video below to see how our industrial security solution helped Arlington Police locate and arrest tire thieves.