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Proactive Security Solutions for Residential and Commercial Sites

Posted by Amy Hite on Oct 11, 2017

Proactive Security

There are a variety of proactive security solutions for residential apartment complexes, car dealerships, industrial properties, construction sites, retail centers, medical offices, and other commercial properties. This can include access control capabilities, alarm response, incident documentation, security guards, and a remote monitoring service. The security needs of commercial properties across North America vary. As a result, some properties will need a custom mix of security solutions to protect their property from thieves, vandals, and drug dealers.

FMLink, a facilities management publication, released a list of recommended security services that property owners and business managers can utilize at their commercial properties.

Access Control

Business and medical office spaces and residential properties should have an access control system in place. Some examples of an access control security solution include concierge services, surveillance cameras, and electronic card access systems that can be used with a security guard or remote video monitoring service.

Guests that are authorized to be on a business, medical, or residential property should receive a badge and be escorted to and from their destination. Someone should also escort guests outside of the building.

Alarm Systems

On their own, alarm systems are reactive. An activity has to trigger the alarm in order for it activate. Live video monitoring can supplement an alarm system to make it proactive. A remote video security operator can monitor a live video feed for an immediate evaluation and response. Common actions can include notifying on-site security guards and calling local police, fire fighters, or property managers. Security cameras should be placed near doors, windows, and other points of access. These are troubled areas that are known for crime.

Some reactive alarms are necessary. All properties need to have at least one fire detector on-site. The exact number varies depending on the size of the proprety

Incident Documentation

Theft, property damage, and other security-related incidents should promptly be documented and reported to the security operations manager. Documentation includes crime reports, witness reports, and security videos. Facility managers and property managers should collaborate with legal counsel to create a standardized method of incident reporting and response.

Security Guard Service

A commercial or residential property may use a security guard service for their proactive security solution. Security guards can patrol the outside or inside of your property. The amount of security guards on-site and their hours will vary depending on budget and crime activity in the area. However, properties in low crime areas may have a hard time justifying the cost of a security guard. Alternatively, live video monitoring is a more affordable proactive security solution. A trained security operator can watch your property at a fraction of the cost.

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