PTZ Camera Tracks Construction Site Trespasser

Posted by Neil Goulding on July 22, 2021

Construction site security risks include potential theft, property damage, fire hazards, liabilities and worker incidents, all of which can begin when a person or group of people – authorized or unauthorized – enter a construction site. It’s important to quickly mitigate trespassing to prevent such risks. Time is of the essence, making remote video monitoring a beneficial component of your security strategy.

A Stealth Monitoring security professional, using a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video surveillance camera, spotted an individual approaching the construction site’s fence line. The person jumped over the fence, gaining access onto the site, at which time he became a trespasser. He proceeded toward the building under construction, got onto the roof and climbed down onto some scaffolding. The trespasser returned to the roof and approached a pile of materials, raising, looking and getting under a white tarp.

After moving back-and-forth for a few seconds, the unauthorized person finally settled under the tarp. Police were called by one of our trained operators and given information of the suspect’s location.

Police used flashlights to search the site. A canine officer and his handler were on site as well. Police pinpointed the suspect hiding under the tarp. The suspect was restrained and escorted out of the site.

Time and PTZ Cameras are Critical in Deterring Crime

Surveillance cameras can be placed in strategic places around an active construction site and remotely monitored by our trained security professionals. Once an analytics-based camera triggers an event taking place, it alerts our operators who can immediately view the prevailing situation and make any necessary decisions. The faster the event is seen and decisions are made, the more likely the incident can be resolved before major damage occurs.

As demonstrated in the video, our monitoring operator was able to remotely move the on-site, PTZ camera, which helped to quickly assess that a trespasser was on site and police needed to be notified. Panning left and right, tilting up and down and zooming in and out on the situation enabled the operator to keep an eye on the suspect until police arrived.

The PTZ camera also allowed the operator to see exactly when and where police arrived on site as well as the action taken to deter more potential crime by the trespasser, such as theft or vandalism.

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