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Remote Video Monitoring Helps Police Nab Suspicious Individual Wandering Construction Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on Nov 16, 2022

Construction sites present a variety of security concerns. From expensive and dangerous equipment to potential theft of materials, trespassers on a construction site can cause havoc when left to their own devices. 

As seen in the above video, around 11:15 pm, a Stealth Monitoring remote security operator noticed a suspicious individual had entered the construction site while carrying a green bag. Our operator then checked several other live feeds to determine that the trespasser had ventured further into the building. Speakers on-site were activated to attempt to deter the individual, but they continued to wander the site, at one point appearing to lay down and hide.  

The operator contacted the local Toronto Police and informed them of the trespasser on-site, and within just a few minutes the individual was intercepted by officers that arrived on scene. The person was then placed in handcuffs and removed from the site.  

Proactive Measures Like Remote Video Monitoring Can Help Protect Your Jobsites 

With so many variables and potential issues, construction sites are always seeking security measures that can help prevent theft, vandalism, and liability concerns. Remote video monitoring is one of those security measures.  

Construction sites are frequently targeted by thieves, vandals, those experiencing homelessness, and curious looky-loos. Any of these people can cause damage to the site or hurt themselves, presenting additional problems that can throw a wrench in tight timelines and project budgets.  

Remote video monitoring can proactively help to deter crimes, with cameras that are placed strategically around the job site and can be moved as needed while the project progresses. These cameras are monitored in real time by our trained security professionals who are fluent in spotting suspicious activities and behaviors. When they spot an issue, they can act quickly, and help get local authorities to intervene quickly as well.  

Thanks to the monitoring operator in the above video, the trespasser was removed from the site quickly and before any significant issues occurred. When our security professionals contact law enforcement, they are able to inform them that there is an event in progress because of our video verification. This typically leads to faster response times. Just like in the video above, authorities are often able to arrive while a suspect is still on-site and arrest them before any theft or damage to the site occurs.  

Are you ready to implement a cost-effective security solution that can help you protect your construction sites and business? Contact us now to learn more.