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Remote Video Monitoring Leads Police to Construction Trespasser

Posted by Neil Goulding on Aug 4, 2022

Trespassers on a construction site might seem like just a harmless annoyance. However, they can cause great damage to your project as well as themselves.

In this video, an individual was seen approaching the fence surrounding an active construction site. The subject pushed open one of the fence panels, entered the jobsite and walked towards the building under construction. One of our trained security professionals was monitoring this site, saw the intruder and called police. Our operator informed the police dispatcher of the suspect’s location.

When officers arrived, they searched the site. They located the trespasser, placed him in handcuffs and walked him off the jobsite.

Help Proactively Protect Your Jobsite with Remote Video Monitoring

It should come as no surprise to anyone that construction sites are targeted by thieves. They contain very valuable equipment, tools and materials that are left out in the open, and often protected by only a fence. For those responsible for budgets and timelines, it’s imperative to keep their jobsites as secure as possible.

To do that requires a solution that can work immediately, before damage and loss can occur. Remote video monitoring can proactively help deter crimes to keep projects running smoothly. Analytics-based cameras can be placed in strategic places around the jobsite, and then moved when necessary as the project progresses. These cameras are monitored in real time by security professionals who are trained to detect suspicious behaviors and act quickly.

In this video, one of our monitoring operators spotted the trespasser on the site and quickly called local authorities. Because we can provide video verification of an event in progress, police know this isn’t a false alarm. In the video, officers arrived while the suspect was still there and arrested him. This quick action helped to mitigate injury, theft and damage to the project.

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