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Remote Video Monitoring, Not Perimeter Fence, Deterred Construction Trespassers

Posted by Neil Goulding on May 26, 2022

Homeless people often seek vacant properties looking for shelter. Construction sites are no different. People without homes will trespass on a construction site when no one is there to escape the elements and find warmth. Without an effective security deterrent, they could remain for an extended time period and cause damage to the project or themselves in the process.

Two people, wrapped in blankets, were seen entering a construction site after hours by pushing the fence apart then walking in. They proceeded into the building under construction and remained inside, out of camera view.

One of our monitoring operators was watching and called to dispatch local police, based on the site protocols. Our operator gave dispatch a description of the trespassers which included their last known whereabouts.

Responding officers arrived within minutes. They searched the site and intercepted the suspects. Both intruders were placed in handcuffs, escorted from the site and placed into police cruisers.

Protecting Your Jobsite When No One is There

Keeping your construction site protected is important to help prevent damage, loss and injury. Unsecured jobsites could be at risk for theft, vandalism and even fires.

There are a number of ways to help protect construction sites. Perimeter fencing, lights and signs are all inexpensive ways to help keep intruders out. However, as you saw in the video, these aren’t always effective.

One of the most efficient ways to help secure a construction site is to install surveillance cameras and have them monitored by trained professionals. Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution combines the latest surveillance technology with highly skilled and experienced remote video monitoring operators trained to proactively identify and deter suspicious activity in progress.

As you saw in the video, our security personnel observed the trespassers, then followed the site protocol and called to dispatch police. When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we are watching crimes in progress. This typically elevates the priority level, so officers often arrive while the suspects are still there. This facilitates more arrests and helps minimize damage, loss and project delays.

Our construction security experts are available to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about our customized remote video monitoring solution. Contact us for information.