Can Live Video Monitoring Improve My Scrap Metal Yard Security?

Posted by Sean Murphy on July 27, 2018

Scrap metal yards are tempting places for criminals. They house high-value material like copper, aluminum, nickel, iron and stainless steel in typically open areas. Many scrap metal yards rely on guards or patrols to monitor their property, but there have been many cases in which on-site security guards are in cahoots with thieves. They let the criminals commit the theft for a cut of the illegal sales. Security guard accountability is not the only issue of concern for scrap metal yards.

Scrap Metal Yard Security Concerns


Fencing around a scrap metal yard is usually the first line of defense. Fences are a physical and visual deterrent to thieves, but they can easily be circumvented by cutting a hole in them or just jumping over them. Once inside the scrap metal property, determined criminals can use physical structures and the cover of night to their advantage.


Many scrap metal yards and warehouses are located away from cities or where there is a lot of people. There is a very low likelihood that they will be confronted or stopped. Scrap metal yards have many places for criminals to hide. This makes it a prime target for thieves and vandals. Once they gain access to a property, thieves can easily grab several pieces of metal and leave the property without anyone noticing, until it's too late.

Even if a scrap metal yard has a security guard on-site, it doesn't always translate to an effective solution. As stated earlier, security guards could be swayed by thieves. Their patrolling quality can also be affected by the location of yard itself. Thieves can easily hide behind structures at industrial properties and move to areas where security guards aren't present or can’t easily see. What can an industrial property do to effectively improve their scrap metal yard security? Invest in a live video monitoring service.

Stealth's Scrap Metal Yard Security Service

Stealth's scrap metal yard security service utilizes strategically-placed outdoor surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities that allow trained operators to watch multiple areas of the property simultaneously. If they see unauthorized activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning that lets would-be-thieves know they are being watched. If the thieves remain on the property or if the situation escalates, our operators can call local police.

Stealth's Scrap Metal Yard Security Service in Action

Stealth Monitoring and Houston Police were able to prevent a theft at a scrap metal yard in the middle of the night.

The wide-open areas of scrap metal yards can be a security challenge. Many properties rely on on-site guards to monitor their property, but that isn’t always the most practical or cost-effective solution. Live video monitoring offers a team of trained operators to watch your cameras for risky or undesirable activity in real time.

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