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Added Benefits of a Security Camera System for Construction Sites

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jun 19, 2018

It’s true that UCIT can increase the overall security of your construction site by deterring and preventing criminal activity such as trespassing, property damage and theft. When you partner with UCIT, however, you get much more than just video surveillance. You get a truly customized service and a team of experts who provide many added benefits including consulting, training, video review, reporting and remote maintenance.

Construction sites have unique issues and problems, so it is important to work with professionals who understand the industry. A UCIT construction site security specialist will visit your property to assess the location and issues that are specific to your property. They will create a site map that shows locations and views of each security camera, as well as consult with you on fencing, lighting, and internet requirements that will not impact operational activities. After UCIT installs the security camera system, we will train your staff on how to use the software, so they can understand how to watch security camera system feeds.

Many of our UCIT security camera system clients also benefit from our video review service. For example, something may happen on your construction site that will require video evidence to verify specific activity. You can contact UCIT with the date and time of the incident and we can provide the necessary video evidence and images, even during non-monitoring hours. This can prove to be especially useful in claims of property damage and accidents.

From time to time, something may happen to a camera that impacts its surveillance ability. The outdoor surveillance cameras are built and customized to automatically notify UCIT If there are hardware or software problems. We can fix many issues remotely, however if we are unable to, we will send someone to make the repairs as soon as possible.

As you can see, a UCIT customized security camera system offers many added benefits beyond crime deterrence. Contact us to learn more about these value-added benefits and how our solutions can help your construction sites.