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Shirtless Suspect Breaching Jobsite Barrier Busted

Posted by Paul Gross on Oct 17, 2022

Construction sites are always at risk of being broken into by trespassers. Whether they’re seeking shelter, looking to steal tools or materials, or simply making mischief, the fences and barricades typically used to keep them out are often not enough. 

At around 4:15 in the early morning hours, a Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed a shirtless individual in the vicinity of a construction site. Since the man was clearly not in uniform or an early arrival for work, the operator activated the audible alarms in an attempt to encourage the person to leave the area. The shirtless man, however, carried on breaking into the jobsite. 

The monitoring operator contacted local police, who arrived on site minutes later with a K9 unit. The trespasser was promptly located inside a port-a-john. The man was intercepted and taken into police custody, escorted from the site, and placed into a police cruiser.  

Help Protect Your Jobsite from Trespassers and Criminals 

There are a variety of ways to protect construction sites from damage, theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Most jobsites already make use of many – perimeter fencing, lights, even security guards. However, just as you saw in the video above, these measures may simply not be enough. 

Fencing can be easily breached, and many thieves and trespassers are bold enough to act in broad daylight, so lighting isn’t enough to deter them either. Security guards can become expensive and can only be in one place at a time.  

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that allows for more flexibility. Surveillance cameras can be installed throughout a jobsite and monitored by trained professionals. Combining cutting-edge surveillance technology with highly trained and skilled security operators helps to deter suspicious activity in progress.  

Just as in the above video, when Stealth Monitoring operators contact local law enforcement, they can give details of a crime in progress, which often leads to a prioritization of the call and a quick response. Police are typically able to arrive on scene while suspects are in the area and make an arrest when needed. This can mean a significant reduction in losses, damages, and liability.  

Ready to learn more about how our security solution can help reduce costs and protect your jobsites? Contact us to get the details on our customized remote video monitoring solution.