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Sneaky Trespasser Slides Through Construction Fencing in Broad Daylight

Posted by Paul Gross on Jun 16, 2023

Construction materials theft. Tools and equipment going “missing.” Trespassers wandering a site, bored teenagers looking for a place to mess around, vagrants seeking shelter- there are a wide range of security threats and liability risks on any construction jobsite.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a trespasser demonstrated that perimeter fencing alone does not always deter criminals and other unwanted visitors from accessing a property. See how Stealth helped resolve the problem quickly.

At a Washington construction site, in clear daylight, Stealth security professionals spotted an individual sliding along the seam between a perimeter fence and a wall. Onsite audible warning procedures were initiated, and local law enforcement contacted as the sneaky trespasser made their way further into the jobsite. Officers arrived quickly, and with employees still on site, located the suspect and removed them, taking them into police custody.

Help Protect Your Jobsite from Unwanted Activity with Live Video Monitoring

Just as can be seen in the video above, traditional security measures are often insufficient protection for construction businesses and jobsites. Perimeter fencing can be breached, security guards can be avoided, and passive surveillance cameras can only be used to identify a suspect after the activity has occurred.

Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution is both proactive and responsive. Using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth monitors your jobsite in real time. Our digital analytics-based cameras alert to activity rather than simple movement, and our trained security professionals watch for suspicious individuals or activities, using onsite warnings to scare off intruders or contacting local police when their intervention is advisable.

Live video monitoring is also customizable and can be adjusted as a jobsite progresses, making the proactive security solution a perfect fit for the constantly evolving nature of construction sites. There are many ways that live video monitoring can be put to use for more than just security purposes in construction. Interested in learning more? Check out how one of our clients Benefits from the Utility of Overhead Time-Lapse Cameras.

Ready to add proactive security to your jobsites and potentially save up to 60% on security costs? Contact us today and meet with a construction security specialist for details. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187