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Solar-Powered Surveillance Units for Remote Construction Security Solution

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Nov 15, 2018

By their very nature, construction sites are challenging to secure. Ones located in rural or remote areas can be even more arduous. Because no two sites are the same, the most effective remote security solution is one that is customized for your unique needs by a company that understands the industry and your environment.

Rural construction sites often lack reliable or sufficient electricity service. Power in these areas is commonly generated by diesel generators. However, not only are these expensive to operate, they can be inconsistent, as well as leave a large carbon footprint.

To rectify this issue, our R&D department created Green Energy Mobile Solution trailers (GEMS). These standalone, solar-powered surveillance unites are equipped with 360-degree Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, HD lowlight cameras and IR illuminators for night-vision surveillance. Each unit is completely self-sustaining, utilizing solar panels with advanced battery technology and backup generators.

The mobile trailers are effective crime deterrents for construction sites. They can be placed just about anywhere and work in any condition, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trained security operators can monitor the cameras on each unit to watch for suspicious activity. They can activate a speaker warning and contact local police if the situation warrants it.

As builders become more conscious of environmental issues and as the demand for sustainable construction grows, these mobile units are becoming more popular. Not only can the trailers be used for construction sites, they are ideal for other industries including oil and gas, energy, utilities and industrial facilities.

Combined with trained security operators and 24-hour digital recording, our mobile units are a cost-effective remote construction security solution, no matter where your site is located.

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