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Stealth Monitoring at Build Expo Los Angeles

The security specialists from Stealth Monitoring were in attendance at Build Expo Los Angeles. The event was a wonderful opportunity for industry professionals to network and learn about new techniques, information and strategies. Seminar and workshop topics included, Closing Construction Deals, The Modern Construction Contract and High-Tech Trends in the Building and Construction Industry.

Construction in California

Construction laws change every year. In 2020, new legislation in California will affect contractors’ handling of:

  • Emergencies and disasters
  • Electricians
  • Solar energy
  • Caltrans
  • Enforcement and background checks
  • Unsatisfied judgement against a licensee

Keeping up with these ever-changing laws can be a lot for any contractor. Especially when you factor in their other responsibilities of managing, planning and monitoring every aspect of their projects. In other words, lots of multitasking. When it comes to security and liability issues, one solution can help alleviate some of that responsibility – Remote video surveillance.

Securing Your Construction Site

Keeping a construction site safe from trespassers, vandals, thieves and liability issues can be challenging. Stealth Monitoring is North America’s leading provider of remote video surveillance. We help construction companies implement more proactive and cost-effective security solutions – for up to 60% less than traditional guard services. Our customized service works to catch events in real time to help mitigate theft, damage and injury.

All systems are equipped with voice-down speakers to alert intruders they are being watched and customers have full access to view their cameras. They can also request video footage of any incident that occurs on their site. In addition, we offer self-contained solar powered units for rural and remote locations.

We had a great time at Build Expo Los Angeles. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. It was great catching up with our existing customers, as well as meeting other contractors in the market.

If we didn’t get a chance to meet, or you would like more information about our construction site security solutions, contact us.

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