Suspects Stealing from Construction Site Arrested

Posted by Sidney Sommer on May 20, 2022

With the cost of materials continuing to rise, construction sites are presenting lots of opportunities for thieves. Unless there’s an effective security system in place, equipment, tools and lumber are ripe for the picking.

In May’s Arrest of the Month video, we caught two people on a jobsite loading their van with materials they thought were unprotected. After we called police, they realized how wrong they were.

Around 12:30 a.m., a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted a white van pull into a construction site and park in front of an unfinished unit. Two people got out and began to load it with materials from the site.

Our security professional called local police and gave them a description of the suspects. Responding officers arrived minutes later to make an arrest.

Proactive Solution for Materials Theft

Construction site thefts are serious issues. Contractors and business owners could incur great expenses over and above their typical costs if items are stolen. There could be production delays, replacement costs and even increased insurance premiums to name just a few.

When choosing a target, thieves seek out unmanned and what they perceive to be unmonitored construction sites. When you add a security solution that not only records activity but also monitors it in real time, you are making it more challenging for someone to steal from your site.

Remote video monitoring combines advanced technology with human intelligence. Analytics-based cameras can be placed strategically around your site, then monitored by trained security professionals. If something suspicious occurs, such as someone trespassing on the site after hours or suspects attempting to steal materials, the cameras will alert the monitoring operator who can then take over.

In this video, our security operator called police as soon as the suspects were spotted trying to load their van with materials. When police were called, they knew we were watching a crime in progress, so they elevated the priority level. This resulted in officers arriving while the suspects were still there. The ability to respond in real time can help save businesses from devastating loss and damage.

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