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Tampa Florida Crime Video Surveillance

Posted by Rick Charney on Feb 2, 2017

Crime video was a part of all these Tampa-area Florida reports of burglary and theft.

Tampa Florida crime at a popular national department store.

The smash and grab robbery took place at 2:45am. The four smash and grab suspects ran down several aisles while they carried trash bags filled with electronics. The thieves fled the scene in a stolen BMW, almost hitting a police deputy. The getaway vehicle was abandoned at an Orlando multifamily apartment complex. Authorities believed that the juveniles could be involved in a teen Florida crime ring based in Orlando.

Several law enforcement agencies including the Hernando and Sumter County Sheriff’s Officers, Brooksville Police, and the Florida Highway Patrol believe the group is connected to multiple “smash and grab” burglaries over the last six months from Tampa Bay to Orlando. The impacted store had crime video security cameras. Live monitoring was not reported.

42 Guns Stolen From Tampa-Area Gun Shop.

Officials say they’re “extremely concerned” after forty-two guns were stolen during a break-in at a Tampa area gun retailer and shooting range. The Florida crime of the firearms is disturbing for Tampa law enforcement officials where gun violence has skyrocketed. The store had security cameras. The owner watched the crime video. But it didn’t stop the thieves from this expensive theft.

Bank robbery in Tampa suburb.

Another Florida crime was a bank robbery in Carrollwood, a suburb in the Tampa area. The armed suspects arrived at a bank in a four door Lexus IS. Surveillance video showed the suspects exit through the front door, jump a fence, and drive away in the getaway vehicle. The suspects were in disguise. The suspects are still at large. Live video monitoring was not reported at this Tampa-area bank.

Tampa, Florida violent crime is higher than the nation’s average. Violent crime includes murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crime in Tampa is also higher than the nation’s average. This includes more than 1.5 million reported burglaries and an estimated 5.7 million reported thefts. There was a total of 707,758 reported incidents of automobile theft.

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