Teen Trespassers Corralled by Police and On-Site Guard

Posted by Sean Murphy on July 6, 2021

Fences, gates and lighting can all act as a layer of security to industrial properties. It’s when trespassers get beyond these layers or think that illuminating their malicious activities doesn’t matter that live video monitoring picks up the slack.

Such was the case when a trained Stealth Monitoring operator phoned police to report trespassers on-site a manufacturing facility’s property in San Jose, California. Individuals – later determined to be teenagers – were seen jumping over the facility’s fence, gaining unauthorized access to the property.

Our operator continued to observe the situation and determined the teens were loitering, so police were called. Also, per a planned protocol between Stealth and the facility, the site-guard was also advised of the on-site activity and instructed to assist attending officers.

While waiting on officers’ on-site arrival, one of the trespassers was seen jumping back over the fence. The site guard was updated on the re-entry and location of the trespasser.

When officers arrived, the site guard provided access to the property and helped the officers intercept the trespasser on-site. Attending officers confirmed the trespasser to be a 15-year-old juvenile teenager.

Officers were then seen leaving the property with the trespasser in custody.

Live Video Monitoring Can Assist On-Site Guards

On-site guards are only able to see events unfolding in front of them. Live video monitoring can cover a lot more ground and can be used to supplement guards and patrols by alerting them when suspicious events are taking place out of eye-sight range. We can even watch areas that aren’t easily accessible for a guard.

Our team of trained monitoring operators can help detect suspicious activity along your perimeter and help reinforce security of your industrial site by using audio deterrents and contacting local authorities to report live crimes. Once access to your site has been breached, intended loitering can lead to a host of other related crimes such as vandalism and theft of equipment, tools and other materials. You could also be held liable if people sustain injury while on your site, even if they are there illegally.

Contact our sales team to learn more about proactive security with live video monitoring and ask how you may be able to save 25-60% on your security costs.

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