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Teen Trespassers Use Construction Site as Their Personal Hangout Spot

Posted by Paul Gross on Oct 15, 2021

In this month’s video, a Stealth Monitoring operator notified police of a construction site breach by four, teen individuals. Our operator kept watch as they loitered on site. After police were contacted, our operator accurately communicated the exact location of the suspects on the site, so officers were able to immediately intercept the suspects upon arrival.

At night, a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw four individuals enter this active construction site from the fence line on foot. They proceeded inside a building under construction. Our operator contacted police. Moments later, a vehicle arrived on site. An individual exited and entered the same building.

Our operator saw the four individuals loitering inside the unfinished building. Then, one of the individuals mounted a bike and fled. Two others climbed a temporary chain-link fence while the last one tucked and rolled under an adjacent fence. All four were seen ascending the stairs.

A police cruiser arrived on scene. Our operator had communicated the location of the suspects, so an officer went straight to them. The officer spoke with the suspects through the perimeter fence until another police cruiser arrived. Three officers gained access through the fence and arrested three of the suspects. They were placed into police cruisers while one of the suspects was released.

Construction Sites are No Place for Teenagers to Use as Their Private Space

Active construction sites pose risks due to the ever-changing environment. As progress is achieved, building materials are placed in different locations, nails and other sharp parts could be dropped onto the ground and if digging is needed, the ground could become uneven in various spots. Heavy equipment machinery used to complete various on-site projects also pose possible dangers.

While Stealth Monitoring recognizes all the above as potential dangers in which construction site owners could be held liable, trespassers, loiterers, thieves and vandals see opportunity. As seen in this video, four teenagers saw the construction site as a private place to “hang out,” better known as loitering. Although the teens didn’t vandalize, participate in other types of destruction or get injured, the possibility was too great to go unreported.

Stealth Monitoring understands the challenges presented on construction sites. Our remote video surveillance monitoring solution, customized for construction sites, works in real time to catch events – not just simple motion – as they take place.

Using advanced video analytics, our technology understands when an event that may be subject to danger, unwanted behavior or criminal actions takes place. It notifies our trained monitoring operators, so a human can take over and make intelligent decisions to help deter dangerous or unwanted events in progress.

Because we typically catch events as they take place, our solutions are considered proactive and usually result in police arriving on scene while suspects are still present on site. In this way, we offer the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

Contact us today to learn how Stealth Monitoring can help keep liabilities on your active construction site to a minimum at a price point that is 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security measures.