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Thief Caught in the Act on Northern California Construction Site

Posted by Kirk Biddle on Mar 15, 2024

Construction materials theft in Northern California has become a significant challenge, reflecting a broader national concern that affects the construction industry’s security and profitability.  

The theft of construction materials not only incurs direct costs due to the loss of valuable items such as copper, lumber, tools, and heavy machinery but also results in indirect expenses and project delays. Less than 25% of stolen construction materials are ever recovered, highlighting the difficulty in retrieving stolen goods once they are taken from job sites.  

The impact of these thefts is compounded by the high cost of construction materials and equipment, which are often at a premium due to material shortages and increased construction activity levels. The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register estimate that construction site crime costs the industry between $300 million and $1 billion annually, with California, Texas, and Florida being the most affected states. 

To combat the issue of materials theft, various strategies have been proposed and implemented by construction companies and security firms. These include installing security fences around construction sites, ensuring sites are well-lit, utilizing GPS trackers on large equipment, arranging just-in-time delivery of materials to minimize the time they are left unattended, and installing video surveillance systems. These measures not only deter theft but also aid in the recovery of stolen items and the prosecution of criminals. Video surveillance plays a crucial role in monitoring construction sites after hours, leveraging human intelligence and video analytics to protect against theft and vandalism. 

Ongoing construction materials theft spikes underscore the need for industry-wide attention and action. Implementing robust security measures can help significantly mitigate the risk of theft and its associated costs. In this Arrest of the Month video, see how effective remote video monitoring can help intervene in incidents in real time. 

At approximately 9:43 pm, Stealth security professionals were alerted to suspicious activity at a Northern California construction site. A closer look revealed a male individual accessing the property, trespassing, and gathering construction materials. Observing security operators immediately activated onsite audible alarms and contacted local police due to the nature of the activity being observed. Officers responded quickly and successfully located the suspect, taking them into custody.

Make the Most of Security on Your Jobsite with Proactive Remote Video Surveillance 

Construction site theft and trespassing are increasing problems that can cause projects delays and budget overruns. Traditional security measures like fences are often not enough to stop determined thieves.  

Stealth’s remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that uses a combination of cutting-edge analytics-based cameras and trained security personnel to watch sites 24/7 for suspicious activity. If unusual activity is spotted, security personnel can sound on-site alarms and contact police with real-time location and descriptions to help catch perpetrators.  

Stealth’s proactive video security has benefited construction companies by helping to deter criminal and unwanted activity and catching thieves in the act. You can see examples of our security solution in action across North America here. 

In addition to security and perimeter management, other configurations, such as overhead cameras, can provide helpful views of entire sites. To learn more about customizable video security solutions for your construction business, read about how Exxel Pacific benefited from overhead cameras. Contact us for a free consultation or quote on improving jobsite security. 

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