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Thief Caught with Crowbar in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Amy Hite on Nov 30, 2022

Onsite laundry facilities are a convenient option and amenity for any renter. Unfortunately, multifamily community common spaces, like laundry rooms, can draw criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, and loitering. See what happened when a crowbar-wielding thief broke into the laundry in this apartment community: 

In the middle of the night, an alert Stealth security operator observed a man entering the community laundry facilities of an apartment community, carrying a crowbar, and leaving the lights in the room off. Night vision surveillance cameras allowed the operator to continue to observe the action while also taking action and calling local law enforcement.  

As our trained security professionals watched, the man attempted to break into the appliances, presumably to get access to the money inside. Fortunately, as they often do, police arrived on scene quickly. Within minutes, the officers directed the man to give up, and he was taken into police custody, theft thwarted. 

Help Keep Common Spaces Safe for Your Residents and Deter Criminal Activity with Live Video Monitoring 

Multifamily communities provide more than just residences for their community members. They also frequently provide a variety of amenities to make choosing their community more enticing. Onsite laundry is one of the most valuable- everyone needs access to clean clothes, towels, and other linens.  

Unfortunately, laundry rooms seem to be a siren song for criminals. They are frequent targets for theft, loitering, vandalism, and other criminal activity 

Resident’s sense of security is a major deciding factor in choosing a place to live. Criminal activity of any kind, especially in highly visible spaces like common areas, can cause a major hit to rental rates, vacancies, and online reputation for multifamily residential communities.  

Proactive security measures, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, can make a huge difference. Rather than waiting for criminal activity to occur and attempting to solve the problem after the fact, combing through hours of video feeds to find when damage was done, live video monitoring can help deter criminal activity as it’s happening.  

Using a combination of technology and human intelligence, our trained security professionals monitor live feeds from analytics-based cameras that seek activity rather than motion. Just as in the example above, when our operators spot suspicious behavior or see something out of place, they can follow site protocols and get police on scene with up-to-the minute details. 

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