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This Is What You Need to Help Protect Your Business Equipment

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Nov 12, 2021

Thieves can have a huge impact on a business with just one theft of equipment and supplies. If the right things are stolen, it can bring the work to a standstill and the business won’t be able to provide services to customers. Just one instance of stealing lawn equipment can shut down a small landscaping business. If thieves rob a plumber’s van and take everything they can, a plumber may not be able to do any work until after replacing the stolen items.

When theft like this happens to businesses, they lose a lot of money each day they go without the equipment or ability to operate at capacity. Additionally, they have to spend money to rent or buy replacements for the stolen items. Even though covered by insurance, the lost productivity and soft costs to process those claims (as well as waiting with current supply chain challenges) can have a huge impact.

Unfortunately, stolen business equipment happens all too often and shows up in the news. Not only is the company dealing with painful repercussions of theft but also bad publicity.

Plumbing Van Thefts

A KLTV Tyler news story reports on the theft of thousands of dollars’ worth of plumbing equipment. Thieves stole the plumbing company’s van, catalytic converters, and personal employee supplies. Sadly, this truck contained all the tools ever acquired by a 72-year-old veteran who has been a plumber for more than 50 years. The crooks took it all.

While the company will buy new tools, the veteran will never be able to replace some of these tools. The van was found later the same day completely torched. The news report mentions the business ended up installing security cameras and offered a reward for information that led to the thieves’ arrest.

A news story from Dorchester near Boston reports on another break-in involving a plumber’s van. According to the plumber, thieves stole expensive tools. It was the second time this had happened to the plumber and his wife. A security camera showed a tall, lanky person stopping at every parked car, looking inside, and pulling on door handles.

Eventually, the robber found the plumber’s truck filled with tools and supplies. He spent a lot of time trying to jimmy the side door. Eventually, he found his way through the back door of the van. After a few minutes, he left the van with a full backpack. Unfortunately, the security video was too grainy to make out identifying information, and it couldn’t read the lettering on his shirt.

Landscaping Equipment Theft

A Sherman, Texas news report tells the story of a landscaper who lost his tools after someone stole his trailer with lawn equipment worth thousands of dollars. In this brazen event an employee took a break from a mowing job and, when he returned, the trailer and everything on it was gone including two mowers, two weed eaters, an edger, and a push mower. All of these add up to thousands of dollars.

Now the landscaping company only has one trailer doing all the work. It can’t begin to make up for the lost work from the other crew as they sit idle.

In a New Brunswick, NJ story, a couple had been driving around neighborhoods looking for landscaping equipment, lighting, and flowers to steal for their own use. One victim posted a warning on social media. As a result of the post, more victims came forward. The police investigated the thefts and obtained recordings from multiple resources that caught the couple on video.

Thanks to surveillance video, police in Houston have arrested four people who stole two trucks, one van, and lawn care equipment worth $400,000. The video showed five to six people breaking into a landscape business. They used bolt cutters to enter the property and loaded two flatbeds with stolen edgers, a pressure washer, an air compressor, lawnmowers, and more. The thieves took their time as they stayed on the property for several hours.

Now for the legend of Sleepy Hollow in Illinois, that is. It’s actually not a legend as there was a landscaping equipment theft crime ring that had more than 40 stolen items. What’s scary about this story is that a worker was sleeping while the thieves worked. Imagine what would’ve happened had the worker woken up and confronted the thieves.

What can you do to protect your equipment? Can you even do anything to deter this kind of theft of your most important business assets? The good news is there’s a proactive security system that can help avert theft.

How Video Surveillance Deters Theft

Unlike most security systems and technology, remote video surveillance is a proactive security solution that can also boost safety and productivity. Your business and equipment will have eyes on it at all times to help ensure everything remains where it belongs.

The people watching your business and equipment are trained monitoring operators who work from a remote location. Unlike the sleeping employee, their lives will never be at risk. This allows them to focus on preventing and stopping theft.

Trained monitoring operators don’t work alone. They team up with video analytics to help identify any potential problems before they happen. This partnership will give you peace of mind knowing there are eyes across your business and equipment monitoring for theft and other problems.

An advantage of your investment in remote video surveillance is that it helps deter crime. The sight of cameras does not always send some intruders scurrying away. The operator can issue an audio warning to anyone who continues to try to break into your business to steal your equipment in spite of the cameras. The audio warning stops some potential thieves as well as prevents damage. Whether or not you have the audio feature, the operator can communicate updates with the police until the problem is resolved.

A video surveillance system saves all recordings for later review. Analysts can pull out the footage for use in investigations and lawsuits. Hence, the benefits and flexibility of video surveillance could help ensure you get a fast return on your investment.

With the rising costs of materials, replacing stolen equipment is most likely going to cost a lot more now than it did before the pandemic.

Why Choose Stealth Monitoring?

When you work with Stealth Monitoring, you will have a variety of security options. Our security experts can review your requirements to create a customized security solution to help prevent business equipment theft by watching over your most expensive assets.

Here are some benefits of Stealth video surveillance:

  • Maximized security: The combination of human operators, video analytics, security cameras, monitoring, and audio speakers together optimize security to help stop crime.
  • Faster response times:
    Trained monitoring operators can spot something before and as it happens. They contact law enforcement and provide real-time updates. Stealth has relationships with law enforcement agencies around North America. When they get a call from Stealth, they know there’s a problem.
  • Liability protection:
    Provides proof of incidents for insurance claims and lawsuits.
  • 24/7 monitoring: When no one is watching the equipment and vehicles at night, operators monitor for trespassers to minimize damage.

Video surveillance systems could save on costs in that they help reduce theft, cut risk, and potentially lower insurance premiums. Investing in a video surveillance system could result in a quick ROI. Some clients have seen their revenues increase.

You gain many advantages when you choose Stealth Monitoring’s security services. Stealth has offices across North America including the U.S. and Canada. Because of this, the company has built relationships with law enforcement departments all across North America. Stealth customers benefit from these partnerships because law enforcement typically responds faster knowing Stealth is a reliable source especially because we provide video verification.

The other plus of choosing Stealth is that we have experts in multiple industries. Security requirements vary by industry. What an automotive dealership needs by way of security is very different from what a landscaping or plumbing business needs. The same goes for construction. Not only that but also two companies in the same industry will not have identical requirements.

Working with Stealth, you also benefit from our extensive site coverage, round-the-clock protection, and proactive response. Some of our clients have reported seeing their operating income go up.

You can expect to receive a customized solution that maximizes your security while keeping costs as low as possible. You’ll work with a security architect who will ask questions to understand your requirements and budget. Then, they will create a security plan that delivers what you need without any unnecessary extras.

As you interview security companies, ask to see their videos. Here’s a list of best questions to ask a security company to help you in your efforts.

Video surveillance technology is constantly evolving. It’s getting cheaper, more effective, and more efficient. Experienced security companies have the resources to make it happen. Innovative security technologies solve many problems.

To find out more about remote video surveillance and how this proactive security solution can help prevent crime, lower your liability and risk, and save on costs, contact us today