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Three Trespassers Caught Passing Time on an Idle Construction Site

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Dec 14, 2020

In this month’s video, a Stealth security operator led police to a group of trespassers passing time at a housing development still under construction.

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted three suspects walking around a new housing development still under construction. The group made their way to the finished area and began to tug on the door handles of several cars parked on the street. Our monitoring operator contacted the local authorities.

Two of the individuals left the area on foot. Our operator continued to follow them and provided police with details of their location. Officers intercepted the pair and arrested them. Police then searched the area and found the third suspect hiding inside one of the unfinished units.

An Idle Site is A Vulnerable Site

With no one around at night, an idle construction site is a prime target for trespassers. The area becomes even more tempting when there isn’t a perimeter fence to help keep intruders out.

Theft on a construction site is a concern for contractors. When tools and materials are left out in plain sight, they become easily accessible to would-be-thieves. Not to mention, a construction site can be a danger to those who aren’t familiar with the layout.

Proactive Security Can Help Keep Intruders Out

Remote video monitoring can keep an eye on things when you can’t. Trained security operators, monitoring analytics-based cameras, can watch for suspicious activity. If they see something unusual, they can assess the situation, then take appropriate action. That includes activating a speaker warning to let the suspects know they are being watched and calling local authorities. Because we are watching a crime in progress, police tend to elevate the response time and often arrive when the suspects are still on the scene.

In addition to being an effective crime deterrent, the footage from our cameras can be used to help resolve liability issues related to accidents or other incidents that may occur on a construction site.

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