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Toronto Crane Climber’s Potentially Fatal Climb Leads to Guilty Sentencing

Posted by Steve Mansell on Dec 14, 2018

There has been a huge increase in crane climbing in last few years. This can be heavily attributed to social media. Adrenaline-fueled enthusiasts scale cranes and once they reach the top, they take a selfie to post on popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. Not only does this activity break trespassing laws in cities all over the United States and Canada, it can lead to very dangerous situations for the climbers, as well as construction workers.

In Toronto, one woman’s crane-climbing excursion could have had deadly consequences. After a night of drinking and feeling alone, the woman impulsively decided to jump the fence of a construction site and climb the crane. Her objective was to scale to the top, see the view and take pictures. She believed the experience would make her feel alive. After she took a selfie, the suspect attempted to climb down, but she made a misstep, grabbed a cable and slid until she landed on a small platform halfway down the crane. The Toronto police and fire department arrived and rescued the woman. The suspect pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief.

Construction sites are notorious for being one of the most dangerous work environments. That danger only increases at night when unauthorized people trespass onto the premises. The surveillance video below showcases our night security capabilities and how we can deter crane-climbing at construction sites.

The suspects entered a construction site and our trained security specialists immediately called the local police. Responding officers arrived and located the suspects inside the crane. They were able to remove the climbers before they could damage the property or hurt themselves. Both men were placed under arrest.

Crane-climbing is a popular activity for those fueled by excitement, but it could have deadly outcomes. To help deter this extreme hobby, it’s important to have a proactive security solution. If you would like more information about our outdoor surveillance cameras for construction sites, contact us here.