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Trench-coated Construction Trespasser Caught in the Act

Posted by Paul Gross on Mar 17, 2023

Thefts and liabilities are both major concerns for those in the construction business, and with inflation making the prices of materials even more of a squeeze on a budget, leaving jobsites with gaps in security that allow materials and equipment theft can throw a massive wrench in a project.

In this Arrest of the Month video, Stealth security professionals had eyes on a Washington construction project when they spotted someone lurking out of place, unaware that his actions were caught on surveillance.

At 9:42 p.m., an alert Stealth security monitoring operator caught sight of an individual wandering along the edges of a Washington construction project. After taking a closer look, they observed them breaching the fence line and approaching the units, attempting to break in. Local law enforcement was immediately contacted due to the nature of the trench-coated trespasser’s behavior. Audible alarm speakers were also activated to no response. Officers arrived quickly and arrested the individual.

Help Improve Jobsite Security Outcomes with Proactive Solutions

Construction jobsites are an appealing target for thieves, vagrants, trespassers, vandals, and loiterers. This is even more true at night, when the perception may be that all that stands between them and their desired activity is a chain-link fence or courtesy patrol that can be easily avoided.

Rather than waiting for materials and equipment thefts or expensive damages that can cause budget issues, timeline delays, and insurance premium increases, proactive security solutions like Stealth’s remote video monitoring can help deter and disperse criminal or unwanted activity in real time, as it happens.

Remote video monitoring uses a combination of analytics-based cameras and human intelligence to watch for suspicious activity rather than simple movement. This means interventions are typically limited to actual threats, and not an alarm call for a bird, plastic bag, or heavy winds. The analytics-based cameras are designed to alert for activity, and highly trained security professionals are trained to determine when someone or something looks suspicious to sound audible warnings or contact local law enforcement when necessary.

Much like the example above, when our trained security operators see someone behaving strangely- for example trespassing on a site late at night in trench coat- they can take immediate action and call for police intervention.

If you’d like to learn more about our customizable, cost-saving, and effective  security solutions and how they can be put to work on your projects, contact us today. A security expert with experience in your industry can help determine your specific security needs and design a moveable layout that works for your business. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.