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Trespasser Learns Equipment Theft Doesn’t Pay

Posted by Paul Gross on Sep 21, 2020

In this month’s video, a suspect was seen trying to steal materials from a Seattle construction site. He didn’t get very far because we were watching.

A Stealth security operator was alerted to a trespasser on a construction site after hours. Our operator activated the on-site speaker, but the suspect ignored the warning. The security operator then alerted the security guard on duty who said he would head to the site to check the area in question.

The operator continued to watch the site and noticed the trespasser was gathering some materials to steal. At that point, our operator contacted Seattle police.

Officers arrived to investigate the project site. They located the suspect and ran towards him. They placed him in handcuffs and began their questioning. Once complete, officers removed the handcuffs to allow the individual to climb back over the fence. He was re-cuffed and placed in the patrol car.

The Implications of Equipment Theft

Theft of construction equipment and materials is a major concern for businesses. It tends to be a low-risk crime for thieves, especially on sites that aren’t secured. As such, the reward is often great. According to an article in Construct Connect, less than 25 percent of stolen equipment is ever recovered. Tools and small supplies, appliances, heavy equipment, metals and lumber are among the most commonly stolen items.

Losing equipment can delay production and eat up your budget. While it’s almost impossible for your site to be completely theft-free, you can make it harder for thieves to do their job.

Protect Your Assets with Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video surveillance works in real time to catch events in progress. The process involves installing cameras, motion sensors and/or other technology to view sites remotely from a centralized monitoring station. The cameras are used by professionally trained operators to view the site after hours on evenings, weekends and holidays and record on-site for 24/7. Recorded video can be used to provide police and insurance companies with key information needed for investigations.

Unlike traditional guard systems that are limited to seeing only what is available in front of them, video monitoring fully enables operators to view multiple key areas of a construction site simultaneously. Operators can see areas of a site that may not be easily accessible to a security guard or patrol, and with much less liability risk.

For more information about a proactive security solution for your construction site, contact us.