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Trespassers Hop Fence to Access Construction Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on Oct 26, 2021

Security and safety challenges abound on construction sites. These can range from trespassing to theft of equipment, tools and materials, as well as vandalism and liability issues to threats of violence between co-workers … even arson.

Having specific protocols in place that work alongside remote video monitoring can help deter these and other unwanted behaviors and crimes, while helping to minimize liability.

A trained Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed three individuals approach an active construction site at night. One jumped over the fence and walked off, then quickly returned to assist a second individual over the fence. A third individual followed. Our operator contacted police.

The trespassers continued toward a building under construction and remained out of camera view. Our operator notified the police of the trespassers’ location as two police officers arrived on site. The officers quickly found the three suspects and handcuffed them while back-up officers arrived to help lead and place the suspects into police cruisers.

Three Trespassers Caught with Stealth’s Remote Video Monitoring Leads to a Ride in Police Cruisers

In the video above, Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution deterred trespassing on an active construction site. Here’s how, and why this is important.

The How: Stealth Monitoring’s customized solution for construction sites relies upon two unique factors: advanced video analytics in conjunction with human intelligence.

High-definition video cameras come pre-programmed with these analytics. The analytics allow the technology to filter video streams and detect certain activities without human intervention. However, once an activity is identified, our technology alerts one of our highly trained security operators who can quickly intervene to assess and determine next steps to help deflect and deter a potentially dangerous or wanted situation.

Our operators know the types of activities to watch that could lead to unwanted outcomes out for on active construction sites. After watching hours upon hours of remote video incidents, our operators learn typical human behavior patterns often demonstrated on construction sites in addition to the most-often attempted incidents, such as trespassing. They realize, too, that trespassing can lead to more dangerous situations such as theft, vandalism or arson, and take immediate action to help deflect and deter situations from escalating.

The Why: Here’s the thing … construction companies could be held liable if a trespasser sustains injury on their sites. In the above video, the trespassers went out of camera view and our operator was unable to see them. Just stop and think about what havoc three, unauthorized individuals could be doing on a construction site after dark. Had any of the three trespassers sustained injury, the construction company could have been held liable in a court of law.

Because this construction site had deployed Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution, these three trespassers were seen, deterred and arrested before any unwanted outcomes came to fruition.

To help deter unwanted behaviors and incidents on your construction site that could lead to liability issues at a price point that is typically up to 60% less than traditional security solutions, contact Stealth Monitoring’s construction security specialists today!