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Trespassing Couple and Friend Arrested on Virginia Construction Site

Posted by Matt Wylly on Jan 24, 2023

From exploration and thrill-seeking to theft, vandalism, drug activity, and more – construction sites are magnets for unwanted activity. A quick internet search will reveal dozens of questions about the legality of exploring or walking through a building that is under construction, where liabilities and potential project setbacks abound. See what happened when these suspects chose a Virginia construction site as their late night hang out spot. 


At 1:38 in the morning, an alert Stealth security operator spotted two suspicious individuals, a male and female, entering an Alexandria, Virginia construction site. The operator took immediate action, contacting local police dispatch and describing the two individuals and their location. 

Police arrived on scene quickly and were directed toward the area of the jobsite where the individuals were seen entering. Moments later officers entered the building and successfully arrested three subjects- the couple seen on camera and an additional trespasser. Police then secured the site and left with the three suspects in custody. 

Help Protect Your Jobsites from Trespassing and Other Liabilities 

Remote video surveillance and monitoring can help construction businesses deter and mitigate jobsite liabilities associated with trespassers, thieves, and other criminals who choose a jobsite as their playground.  

Stealth’s proactive security solution combines the technology of analytics-based cameras with the human intelligence of trained security pros to watch for and respond quickly to suspicious activity in real-time.  

Just as in the video above, when operators spot anything out of place, they can quickly follow site protocols to activate audible alarms, contact local police dispatch, and even assist in liability or police investigations with surveillance recordings.  

Stopping activity as it happens is better than waiting for the damage to be done and trying to solve the mystery of when and who. Oftentimes, our Stealth’s live feeds mean police dispatch elevates a call priority, leading to a faster police response. 

Interested in learning more about cost-effective, proactive, and customizable security solutions that can save your construction business money and help reduce and deter criminal damages? Contact us. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.