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Trio Busted Sneaking into Ontario Construction Site

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Sep 19, 2023

Limiting construction jobsite theft and vandalism can mean the difference between profit and loss for a project. Time and money spent replacing stolen goods and repairing damaged property can significantly impact the timeline of your project, potentially leading to potential fines for failing to meet deadlines and experiencing expensive cost overruns.

Both the US and Canada are struggling with higher-than-ever rates of construction materials and equipment theft, particularly in a post-pandemic world where supply chains continue to course-correct from massive slowdowns. $46 million in equipment is stolen annually across Canada, and $15 to $20 million of those losses occur in Ontario alone. Traditional security methods, like passive surveillance and perimeter fencing alone, are not enough to curb this alarming trend.

At approximately 11:20 p.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring an Ontario construction jobsite were alerted to suspicious activity. A closer look at the surveillance feeds revealed three individuals trespassing, slipping through the gates to access the interior of the jobsite. Local police dispatch as well as the site’s designated contact were made aware of the activity in progress. Local law enforcement arrived onsite quickly and were observed on camera apprehending the suspects without further incident.

Help Deter and Disperse Suspicious and Unwanted Activity at Your Jobsites with Proactive Security

When we think of traditional security measures, like onsite guards, perimeter fencing, or passive surveillance cameras, we know that although they may be somewhat effective, they don’t do enough to protect construction jobsites from damages, theft, and liability risks.

Guards can only see or be in one place at a time, limiting their visual awareness of what’s happening on a site. Perimeter fences may deter some potential trespassers, but anyone determined to access the site isn’t likely to be stopped by them. However, Stealth’s live video monitoring has the advantage over these methods- we make use of a combination of analytics-based camera technology and human intelligence to proactively monitor your jobsites in real time.

When trained security professionals spot someone or something out of place on your jobsite, they can take immediate action. Our intelligent cameras detect activity rather than simple movement, so likely no false alarms for plastic bags caught on fences or animal activity. Our solutions are customized, and can be adjusted as your jobsite progresses, strategically placed to monitor hotspots like entry gates and tool storage.

Interested in learning more about how our cutting-edge tech security solution can fit your projects while saving you up to 60% on costs? Contact us today and schedule a time to speak with an expert member of our construction security team for additional details or to get a free quote.

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