Unattended Lumber on New Home Construction Site Attracts Thieves

Posted by Paul Gross on July 23, 2021

Lumber prices are skyrocketing, making it a highly sought-after commodity for thieves to steal and resell for profit. The National Association of Homebuilders has estimated that approximately $36,000 is currently added to each single family home build. Unfortunately, this makes new home communities a popular target for lumber theft.

At 10am, a trained Stealth security operator notices two individuals driving a silver pick-up with a connected flat-bed trailer in a new home development. The truck and trailer duo are parked in front of some partially built homes.

The two individuals exit the truck and walk toward the incomplete homes. The individuals load the trailer with lumber, ply-wood and other supplies from this active construction site. In the meantime, the local sheriff’s department was contacted by our operator.

Officers arrive onsite and speak with one of the thieves. Moments later, he was handcuffed, loaded into a Sheriff’s vehicle, and taken away.

Professionally Trained Operators Watch Over Construction Sites

Building contractors leave tools and supplies, such as hammers, nails and wood, on site to be ready to start building a new home or continue building the next day. Unattended lumber can draw thieves to your construction site.

Stealth’s remotely located monitoring operators can watch your construction site to help keep your lumber and other supplies out of the hands of thieves. Using video analytics, surveillance cameras trigger activity on your construction site. Our trained operators then watch as the situation unfolds, ultimately deciding in that moment the proper actions to take to help deter theft.

Stealth’s remote video surveillance monitoring solutions that are customized for construction also offer 24/7 recording and archiving of your site’s activities. Our video review team can sort through hours of video to pinpoint an exact time frame of video or search for an incident or situation in which you need to view.

To help deter lumber and other types of theft on your construction site, contact our highly specialized team today.

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