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Unwanted Activity in Parking Structures

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Oct 15, 2021

The following videos captured by Stealth’s live video monitoring solution is customized for parking lot environments. Each of the three videos in the compilation illustrates how two types of incidents – fights and skateboarding – are captured with high-definition video analytics and how our security operators play the most important role in helping to deter such situations.

Stealth’s Quick Action in Response to a Retail Center Parking Lot Fight

Our trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw three individuals walking on a sidewalk of a scarcely populated retail center parking lot. Our operator wasted no time in sounding the on-site speaker warning, contacting the on-call guard and calling police.

The three began to engage in a physical altercation. Two of the individuals were thrown to the ground as the guard drove up. The guard exited his vehicle. Three individuals ran to the two fighting on the ground and separated them. The guard approached the group and they dispersed.

Minutes later, our sharp-eyed operator saw one of the suspects running down a boardwalk. By this time, the police had arrived. One officer chased, caught and arrested the fleeing suspect.

Parking Lot Brawl Drew Attention

A car driving through a parking lot of a shopping center at night caught the eye of one of our highly trained security operators. Our operator watched as the driver stopped the car and an individual approached it. Two more people walked into camera view and toward the car while one of the trio appeared to taunt the driver as he backed the car away.

Our operator contacted police and continued to watch the incident.

The driver parked in a parking space and exited the car while the trio approached another parked vehicle. One opened the passenger-side door and got inside as the driver of the other car approached. A fight broke out and attracted the attention of various onlookers. The driver of the first vehicle returned to it, got inside and circled the suspects, the crowd and other parked vehicle twice before driving off the lot.

Police cruisers arrived on scene and investigated. The suspects had already fled from the property.

Unsuspecting Skateboard Received a Warning from Police Officer

One evening, a Stealth security operator saw an individual whizzing around an empty parking lot on a skateboard. The individual weaved in and out of some concrete parking spot stops. Our operator activated the on-site speaker, but the individual ignored the warning. The operator then contacted police.

Two police cruisers arrived and parked near the skateboarding individual who was sitting on a concrete parking spot stop. Two officers approached and spoke with the individual. After the conversation, the individual walked off the parking lot with skateboard in hand.

Parking Lot Criminal Activity and Mischief Deterred with Live Video Monitoring

According to FBI data, there were 538,203 violent-crime incidents in 2020. Of those, 45,107 occurred in parking garages and on parking lots. These statistics show the importance of a security plan that is proactive and helps deter such activity and mischief. Live video monitoring could be the answer.

Most parking garages and lots take up a vast amount of space. This makes it difficult for security guards to watch the entire premises and it is impossible for one guard to be in more than one place at a time. Stealth Monitoring’s live security operators can take the place of or supplement guards by watching your whole property at once! Our advanced video analytics and video surveillance solution makes this possible.

Our operators are trained on what to look for through the eyes of a video camera to determine anything suspicious happening on your parking lot or in your parking garage. Once a suspicious activity is discovered, our operators can activate an on-site audio speaker to let individuals involved in the activity know they are being watched. Should that not deter them, our operator can then call a security guard as well as local police.

Two scenarios in the above video involved physical assault in the form of fighting. In both incidents, Stealth security operators took quick action that resulted in deterred liability and the arrest of suspects.

What about the seemingly innocent skateboarder, though, simply minding his own business and just riding through the empty parking lot? This may appear to be harmless fun, but our knowledgeable operator knew that should the individual sustain injury, the parking lot owner could be held liable. A good rule of thumb is to post signs prohibiting any potentially dangerous activities. This can help encourage people to stay off your property or while on it, to respect it and avoid any dangerous behaviors. For those people who disobey the signage, Stealth’s live video monitoring solution for parking lots and garages is there to help deter such behavior.

For more information about our proactive security solutions that help keep your parking lots and garages safe and help deter potential liability, contact us.