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Video — Multifamily Apartment video security — Illegal Drug Smoker Arrested in Laundry Room

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Nov 6, 2015

Do you know what’s happening at your apartment complex when the lights are turned off? You don’t if you don’t have apartment video security.

At 12:05 AM Stealth operators observed a suspicious person entering and loitering in the Laundry Room. He shuts off the lights and appears to be smoking. This property has Stealth apartment video security. Stealth operators contact the on-site security guard. The security officer contacts the local police. The dispatch resulted in apprehension of the individual.

Security guards can’t be everywhere at once. Multifamily apartment residences and facilities can be spread over multiple buildings and a large area. Plus there are multiple entrances to your apartment complex to watch. Then there are fences, alleys, gyms, mailboxes, and laundry rooms like this where a thief or vandal can gain access and do damage. The only effective solution consists of multiple apartment video security cameras with different views of the property and real-time monitoring of the cameras to take action when suspicious behavior is seen. Having both video security cameras and security guards on site means that you can react quicker and to more threats.

Stealth Monitoring was founded in 2006 in Dallas to provide world-class live view surveillance service and technology. Stealth specializes in proactive and intelligent video monitoring that can significantly improve multifamily apartment video security, as well as security at warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, auto dealerships, schools and other businesses with outdoor assets. Stealth is a leader in live video monitoring for the commercial security industry with over 9,000 watched digital cameras nationwide.

Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime in Dallas and other cities in the U.S. for apartment video security, while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity like this person smoking in the laundry room, activate a speaker audible warning to deter the intruder, and call the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your multifamily apartment complex or other property. Visit our web site to see actual apartment video security of criminals being apprehended, as well as other businesses. stealthmonitoring.com