Video Footage From Surveillance Cameras Foils Robbery

Posted by David Charney on April 9, 2015

After a self-storage facility was robbed, the owners turned over video footage from their surveillance cameras to the police. The video tapes helped the police capture the two men. They allegedly had stolen thousands of dollars worth of property from the Shawnee, Oklahoma self-storage facility, according to February 23 local news reports. In this instance, the owners were lucky that a police officer recognized the truck from the video surveillance. Ultimately, that was how the two men were arrested for the crime.

A trailer, tools and lawn equipment were reportedly missing after the robbery. The theft took place after business hours on the night of February 7. The self-storage facility’s video footage showed the men loading the back of a truck with tools and leaving the scene towing the trailer.

The owner told reporters that he recovered almost all of the stolen items after police arrested the suspects. The two arrested men now face larceny charges.

Clips of the surveillance footage were available available on the KOCO (Oklahoma City) news website. That video footage showed the masked men. The license plate of the truck was covered which indicates this was a planned heist.

The fact that surveillance cameras watch the property is prominently noted on the self-storage business's website home page. It is also a fact that the operation was fortunate that the truck was recognized, which is extremely rare. Having surveillance cameras alone doesn't necessarily deter vandalism or theft.

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