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Live Monitoring and Speaker Warning Stops Shopping Center Thieves — Security

Posted by Rick Charney on Oct 9, 2015

At 5:37 AM Stealth operators observe a vehicle approaching the back of the retail center. These two would-be shopping center thieves exited the vehicle and approached the back of a large grocery store. The suspects ran back to their vehicle immediately after the speaker alarms were activated. The local police were contacted.

Implementing a comprehensive commercial live video surveillance solution in your shopping center can help stave off similar incidents before they occur with a speaker warning. Visible cameras and signs tell shopping center thieves that you’re protecting your property, which prompts shopping center thieves to find a different target.

The security camera system video, in combination with Stealth’s human intelligence and video analytics, enables Stealth to intervene earlier to prevent and deter crime. The same video surveillance solution that protects retail center and assets during night-time hours can help businesses run more productively during the day.

A recent report in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research showed that as many as 30% of business fail due to crimes such as shopping center theft and concluded that investing in security measures was a cost-effective way to prevent heavy economic losses. Video surveillance in retail center theft prevention not only reduces the likelihood that a company will be a target of theft, it also may help save on insurance premiums.

Stealth Monitoring proactive live surveillance can detect and deter risks as seen in this video. Stealth provides clients greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity such as shopping center thieves, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

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