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Apartment Video Monitoring Service Helps Lead Police to Criminals

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Feb 16, 2018

Stealth’s video monitoring service can help multifamily apartment complexes protect common areas like business and fitness centers, mail rooms and laundry facilities. Each of these areas has expensive equipment and assets that can impact the functionality and image of the residential properties.

Suspect Tampers With Washing Machines – Apartment Security

Many security cameras can automatically adapt to low-light conditions, which makes them ideal for nighttime surveillance. At 10:30 p.m., a trespasser is seen entering the laundry facility at a Houston, Texas multifamily apartment complex. The suspect stopped in front of a washing machine near the indoor surveillance camera and pulled out what appeared to be a drill. He noticed the video monitoring surveillance camera and covered it. Stealth Monitoring called Houston Police.

This is not the only time Stealth’s video monitoring service helped police locate apartment thieves and criminals. In one of Stealth’s previous ‘Catch of the Month’ newsletters, a suspect attempted to steal money from the laundry room washing machines.

The criminal is seen walking into the laundry room around 3:30 a.m. He began tilting the washers to determine how much money was in each one. A Stealth security operator, closely watching the activity, called Irving Police. The suspect took out an electric drill and removed a protective casing. Responding officers arrived at the laundry facility and he immediately surrendered.

Stealth’s Video Monitoring Capabilities

Stealth’s video monitoring service has indoor and outdoor night video monitoring capabilities. To begin the process, an apartment security specialist will visit your residential property to assess the site and identify potential security threats. As part of our all-inclusive fee, residential security clients receive customized security solutions that include strategically-placed cameras, speakers, DVRs, and a capable internet connection that can handle large amounts of data without impacting your day-to-day use.

Unlike traditional on-site security guards, trained operators can watch several areas of a property simultaneously. If they see unusual activity, they can activate an on-site speaker and call local police.

Please call toll-free (866) 382-3873 or contact Stealth today for more information. Visit the Stealth web site to see real videos of criminals being arrested at construction sites, multifamily apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, auto dealerships, and other commercial real estate properties.