Live Video Monitoring Helps Deter Suspicious Trespasser in Ontario

Posted by Steve Mansell on January 11, 2018

Stealth's live video monitoring service can deter suspicious activity like trespassing and theft. Construction sites typically have expensive equipment, materials and other assets on property that can be stolen or damaged.

Our trained construction site security operators helped London Police arrest a trespasser.

Watch the Video: Suspicious Trespasser Arrested in Ontario - Weatherproof Security Cameras

At 2:46 a.m., a live video monitoring operator saw a trespasser with a dark duffle bag walking around a London, Ontario construction site. The trained security operator continued to watch the trespasser's movements throughout the site. The suspect approached a temporary office and looked around, before gaining access to the space. We called the London Police, as he walked out with a second bag.

It appears that something startled the trespasser, who then dropped the bags and ran. London Police arrived at the construction site, made contact with the suspect, and placed him under arrest.

What Happens When Live Video Monitoring is Not Part of a Security System?

Two suspects stole $7,000 USD worth of equipment from a construction site. According to the surveillance video, the suspects first hit the site on December 9, stealing a $2,000 HVAC unit. They placed the air conditioning unit onto the truck bed and drove away. One suspect returned to the construction site ten days later and stole $5,000 worth of cabinets. Neither has been identified nor arrested.

This construction site is not a UCIT client.

Live video monitoring operators watch events in real time. They can use voice down audio warnings to help deter criminals and, if needed, can report the live crime in progress to the local police.

Stealth's Live Video Monitoring Can Watch Your Project Remotely

Weatherproof surveillance cameras can continue to function in extreme weather conditions like low temperatures and snow. Our live video monitoring allows your project to be viewed from a remote location, meaning trained operators can still watch your construction site, no matter what the outside conditions are like. Our construction site security system can help safeguard your site against theft and other costly incidents.

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