Video — Scrap Yard Theft Stopped — Industrial Security

Posted by Sean Murphy on September 5, 2015

Watch: at approximately 2:49 PM on a Saturday Stealth operators spot two men rummaging through a closed scrap yard. The thieves are seen walking around the yard and picking up valuables. Stealth operators contact the local police. The individuals are apprehended by the police before they can successfully steal their stolen metal.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Scrap Yard Theft Stopped - Industrial Security

Men apprehended at Scrap Yard

Property theft hits businesses across the country. It costs them millions of dollars every year. Copper is a popular target. Copper thieves can rip out and destroy HVAC units in minutes, resulting in property damage and significant financial loss. It is such a common problem that insurance companies are beginning to exclude metals from their policies due to the risk.

Metal and most particularly copper theft has become more of a public issue. Reputable scrap dealers ask for papers and documentation before they’ll take copper scrap. This amount of scrutiny makes it more difficult to sell copper that’s been stolen from these scrap yards. Combining enhanced security measures makes copper and other metals harder to steal in the first place.

Stealth Monitoring proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime as seen in this video. Stealth provides clients greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity such as these individuals rummaging through a scrap yard person, activate an audible warning, call the local police so they could apprehend the culprits.

Stealth Monitoring was founded in 2006 to provide world-class surveillance services and technology. Stealth specializes in proactive and intelligent video monitoring that can significantly improve threat detection and police response. Clients include shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, auto dealerships, schools and other businesses with outdoor assets. Stealth is a leader in live video monitoring for the industrial industry with over 6500 watched digital cameras nationwide.

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