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How Can You Increase Warehouse Security?

Posted by Sean Murphy on Feb 28, 2018

Warehouse security can protect your distribution hub from vandalism, robbery and damage. Cargo theft is a big problem in the United States. According to an FBI report, there were 628 incidents in one year, resulting in nearly $28 million in stolen goods. Those figures may be even higher since many thefts go unreported.

Industrial properties without adequate warehouse security are prime targets for thieves. Burglars broke into a Las Vegas warehouse and stole about 30,000 SKU’s. The next morning, a rental car crashed through the loading dock and a suspect grabbed three large boxes of of inventory. The warehouse managers didn’t know if the two thefts were related.

This warehouse did have surveillance cameras, but they were not being watched. Unwatched cameras can provide security video as evidence after the crime has occurred, but can do little to deter it.

Warehouse theft can also occur internally. Truck drivers often have free reign around logistics hubs when cargo is being loaded and unloaded. Because employees are preoccupied, this provides ample opportunity for things to get taken without notice.

4 Ways to Increase Warehouse Security

There are several ways to increase warehouse security and deter internal and external theft:

  • Prohibit personal vehicles in the shipping and recycling areas. Do not allow visitors or employees to park near shipping and receiving doors.
  • Do not let truck drivers freely walk around the property. Provide drivers’ lounges with restrooms and other amenities that they can access when inventory is being loaded and unloaded. Entrance to the lounge should not require anyone to go into the warehouse.
  • Stack merchandise in a clear zone away from the loading areas.
  • Hire a third-party video monitoring service.

The live video monitoring solution utilizes trained security operators who watch on-site surveillance cameras in real time to proactively deter theft. Additionally, this warehouse security solution can include access control capabilities. The operators can communicate with truck drivers, open and close gates remotely, and follow driver movements throughout the warehouse property.

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