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Warehouse Theft Costs Florida Business $271,000

Posted by Sean Murphy on Sep 16, 2015

Three men are being sought in connection with a warehouse theft of 30 pallets of frozen King Crab. The theft occurred at a warehouse in Polk County, Florida, and the haul had an estimated value of $271,000 – an amount that could easily shut down a business.

The industrial park managers relied on video surveillance for protecting their goods from warehouse theft. They were shocked when they arrived at the warehouse, only to discover more than 10 tons of King Crab claws missing from their freezers. The theft, which occurred after business hours, was recorded on their cameras, far too late to affect the actual commission of the crime.

The footage showed three men entering the industrial park approximately seven to eight hours after an employee was captured on video unlocking the facility. The men were wearing masks, and had clothing appropriate for cold weather. The video also captured the warehouse thieves using forklifts to load the pallets from the freezers into a semi truck that was waiting at the loading dock.

While the warehouse theft surveillance video allowed authorities to arrest the employee responsible for unlocking the facility, it has not allowed them to identify the other three men involved in the theft. Additionally, it did nothing to stop the crime while it was in progress.

This case shows the importance of live video monitoring. This warehouse is not a client of Stealth Monitoring. Proactive warehouse video monitoring could have seen the warehouse theft culprits before they commit the crime. When Stealth operators see suspicious activity at the industrial park, an audible warning can be activated and the local police can be contacted. This type of proactive live monitoring can deter theft and vandalism.

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