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Wheelchair Doubles as Wheelbarrow in Construction Theft Attempt

Posted by Paul Gross on Oct 20, 2022

Thieves can be remarkably creative when it comes to ways to access construction sites. Some opt for grabbing a high-visibility vest and hardhat, so they look like they belong there – others, like the thief below, take an entirely different approach. 

Around 4:45 a.m., a Stealth security professional spotted someone in a wheelchair trespassing in the area of a construction jobsite. After taking a closer look, the security operator noticed that the suspicious individual, despite appearing to be wheelchair-bound, had managed to climb the fence and gain entry to the site. Onsite speakers were immediately activated, and local authorities were contacted. The trespasser gathered construction materials and was using the wheelchair to attempt to transport them offsite when local police arrived.  

Proactive Security Measures Can Mean Better Coverage and Faster Responses 

The majority of security systems employed by construction sites are reactive. Guards can only be in one place physically at a time, and many alarm systems are only activated after a break-in has occurred. Without live monitoring and real-time details, many alarm system activation calls don’t get high priority with local law enforcement. False alarms being common mean that first responders are wary, especially when they have limited resources themselves. 

Remote video surveillance combines video analytics and trained security operators to help mitigate damages and liability, reduce theft risks, and save on expenses. A proactive security solution, remote video surveillance can help to spot suspicious activity before it happens, just as in the case above. Analytics-based cameras flag movement that indicates suspicious activity, and trained security professionals can see and respond appropriately to what is happening in real time.  

Typically, when local police receive a call from Stealth, they elevate the call’s priority thanks to our operators being able to provide real-time data about the reason for the contact, including location and description of the suspects. In many cases, police arrive on site before suspects can flee the area, minimizing damages, theft, and timeline slow downs.  

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